Benefits Of Using Cred - Best Bill And UPI Payment App

  Greetings friends. You are warmly welcomed to our website BT Finance. Keep reading our blogs to get important information related to finance. In this article we will tell you the Benefits Of Using Cred and why it's Best Bill And UPI Payment App. 

What Is Cred 

Cred is a mobile application that revolutionizes the way individuals manage their credit cards and finances. Founded on the principles of simplicity, transparency, and rewards, the app aims to streamline credit card bill payments, UPI payments, track expenses, and provide valuable insights into personal finance management. In short you can pay all your bill payments, UPI payments to Mobile Numbers and Scanners. Besides payments you can also shop here using unlimited thousand of cred coins and get unlimited cashback on UPI and bill payments.

Key Features of Cred

Bill Payment Simplified: With Cred, users can effortlessly pay their credit card bills from multiple banks in one convenient platform. The app ensures timely payments, eliminating the hassle of logging into different banking portals.

Credit Score Monitoring: Cred offers users access to their credit scores from leading credit bureaus. By keeping track of their credit health, users can make informed decisions and take proactive steps to improve their financial standing.

Cashback And Rewards: One of the highlights of Cred is its reward system. It gives cashback for bill and upi payments and  Users earn Cred Coins for every credit card bill payment, which can be redeemed for a variety of exclusive offers, discounts, and cashback rewards from partner brands.

Financial Education: Cred goes beyond bill payments by empowering users with financial knowledge. The app offers educational content, tips, and insights to help users make smarter financial choices and achieve their goals.

Benefits Of Using Cred

"What does make Cred the best payments app among all other payments apps like phone pe, paytm, google pay, amazon pay etc." This question may arise in your mind, dont worry, we're gonna answer this. Unlike all other payments apps, Cred gives unlimited cashbacks and rewards to its users on every payment let it be upi payment or bill payments. Secondly one can also earn thousands of rupees by refer it to your friends and family. It gives ₹250 to 800₹ for every succesfull referral as per level of the referrer. Users also earn cred coins on every bill and upi payments.
Users can also shop here for various products using cred coins to reduce actual price of the product.
It also provide Garage facility to its user where users can store all the info about there vehicle and track various info on single platform, manage fastag accounts, manage vehicle documents which will make your life and driving convenient and hassle free. In other words, this will modernize you and your way of dealing with all these aspects.

Is Cred Safe And Secure

Its been a matter of concern for everyone if a finance related application they're using is safe, secure and complies with privacy guidelines of RBI. Let's take a look on Cred's Standards and Certifications:

⭐ Cred is a PCI DSS v3.2.1 certified company which means it have implemented applicable industry standard security controls governed by PCI council that helps it protect all their customer’s card data in a highly secure manner.

⭐   Cred has successfully completed UPI compliance per the circular 15B & 32 by the NPCI.

⭐  Cred is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and have implemented required Information Systems Management System policies and procedures in order to maintain industry standard best practices and applicable controls.

⭐    Cred has successfully completed "Data Localization" requirements as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. This means all its customer data securely resides inside on cloud based out of india (AWS Mumbai Region).

Download Cred

Cred is available on App store and Google Play Store both. If you download Cred with our link, you will get an assured cashback of ₹250 which can be utilised for upi payments, bill and recharge payments.

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